Notes From The Chairman

The main aim of the Fiji Export Council is to assist their local and foreign investors in firming up their investment in Fiji for now and the future. We are aware, of Fiji’s need to tackle our trade imbalances and import more goods than export.

The Fiji Export Council is an emergence of an organization that even today continues to prove itself as an advocate of export development strategies and at the same time it presents a vision for members of the private sector and investors to stand for when they decide to invest.

The government of Fiji, fully recognizes the Fiji Export Council dedication in being proactive and a Supportive agent of Government’s National Policy direction that is documented in the National Strategic Development Plan 2007 – 2011 and the National Export Strategy.

This is an indication of the Fiji Government continued support of the initiatives posed by The Fiji Export Council. These same initiatives will benefit the people of Fiji, in the sense it will create more employment opportunities, increase earning capacity, pose as a foreign exchange earner and at the same time provide competition for other private sectors.

The Export clubs aim is to promote Fiji’s economic interests – not to balance As the balance implies a trade –off where one interest is sacrificed at the expense of another.

Our objectives are driven towards facilitating, promoting ALL forms of Export of goods and services. We focus on advocating facilitation, promotion and encourage exporting individuals.

Fiji has suffered a major economic setback, thus the government has to be consistent: to move with international fields. However it must kept in mind that exporters have equally important role, as he has to reach out and seize the opportunities. Therefore it becomes important for the government and the private sector to continue to work hard in true partnership to enhance economic growth, and to eradicate poverty. It is this strategy, which ensures rapid growth of the most dynamic emerging economies.

Export promotion is a crucial part of our economy, as we have to strive to achieve consistent growth of 5 per cent for the next years. We know it is important to achieve quality growth to ensure that our economy grows, businesses flourish, employment is created and the poverty is diminished.

We at export council care about your business and the economy, we understand that successful participation in the international marketplace is vital to Fiji’s future .We have a vision that looks into the future, and call for rapid growth.