The Fiji Export Council aims to provide the exporters and the importers in Fiji the best and the fastest services available. Thus our main objectives are:

A: To conserve, promote and advance generally the interests and welfare of exporters from and importers into the Fiji Islands of all goods and commodities.

B: To promote, develop and participate in schemes calculated to improve the price competitiveness and quality of goods and commodities produced by industries based within the Fiji Islands on the international market.

C: To promote and encourage investments in the Fiji Islands to designed or calculated to stimulate and encourage employment opportunities.

D: To promote within the Fiji Islands the role of the private sector in all its forms and the importance of the free enterprise system to the continuing development of the country and the economic well being of its citizens.

E: To provide to Fiji industry, trade, commerce and the professions the means of formulating andmaking known their common purpose and of action in regard to industrial, commercial, economic, fiscal, labour, social, educational, legal and technical matters.

F:To assist members by the promotion development of the administration of schemes designed or calculated to reduce the levels of working capital employed or required to be employed to them so as to meet the imposition of customs duties and taxation in relation to goods and commodities produced for export and imported goods and commodities necessary for the production of such goods.

G: To undertake and act as enquiry and general agents of members in relation to any loss or damage sustained in their exporting or importing business.

H: To apply to the Attorney General of Fiji pursuant to section 23 (2) of the Companies Act change the name of the company to “Fiji Export Council” and obtain a license to omit the word “Limited” from the name of the company and comply with such conditions and restrictions as may be imposed by such licence.

I: To enter into any arrangements with governments or authorities supreme, municipal, local of otherwise that may seem conductive to the company objects or any of them and to obtain from any such government or authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the company may think desirable to obtain, and to carry out, exercise and to comply with any such arrangements rights privileges and concessions.